New Pinhouse Model 152 m2

New configuration is ready. We glad to introduce new, biggest model – 152 m2 + terraces.

New Pinhouse for Arctic

Developed Polar version for north regions. But for private clients we glad to offer different color versions.

This niche market is growing. Find out if going tiny is right for you. By Devon Thorsby, Staff Writer It’s no secret that the counter-movement to big, sprawling homes has reached the mainstream – and it’s known as the tiny home. Tiny houses are exactly as they’re described: small homes that are often built on

by Chris Matthews If the U.S. economy is to hit escape velocity in 2017, you can expect the real estate sector to serve as its rocket fuel. At its most broadly defined, housing can be counted on to compose 15% of GDP. It hasn’t done that much heavy lifting lately, however. That’s because in the wake

BY JESSICA MATTERN OCT 5, 2016 Tiny house villages could soon be big—really big. According to researchers at Kansas State University, tiny house villages are environmentally friendly, they promote a sense of community, they encourage healthy lifestyles and habits, and they’re a safe and affordable housing option for the masses. Forall of these reasons, the

Real Estate Trends: Tiny Houses

Downsizing. It’s not only a common trend you find with many of your clients in the real estate world, but it’s also become a milestone within people’s lives. We’ve come to associate those doing the downsizing with empty nesters or recent retirees looking to simplify their lives. But in more recent years, it’s not only

by Samantha Sharf , FORBES STAFF In so many ways 2016 was an unprecedented, volatile and, for some, excruciating 12 months. And the housing market was not immune to the year’s whims. At the start experts anticipated a pick up in building activity, instead builders are still not producing enough homes. Meanwhile, home prices appreciated

By Elliot Schrage, VP Corporate Communications & Public Policy Facebook stands for community. Our commitment extends from our global community to our physical headquarters in California. We are particularly dedicated to being an active and responsible partner at our home. Last December, we announced a partnership with Envision Transform Build and the cities of East

Model A48 -4X Hip Roof

New mages of Pinhouse Model A48 -4X Hip roof.

Base model A 28 images

Now we can see how look like our pinhouse.