On this site you can find all the necessary components for the organization of settlements. In most cases, each investor has there own team and they are limited to a simple purchase of houses.
But there are situations where there is only one component of the whole, and then our life will be irreplaceable.

Physically, the "Project" is grouped services plus the possibility of a group of co-financing the project. See how looks basic kit. For more specific tasks can be added to the project components.


land-seaIt determines the location of the site and the purpose of "pin-settlement." If it is near the sea or at the mountain slope, it is of course the same tourism. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the possibility of communication. Install composting toilets, solar panels or wind-filled containers with water, of course, solve the problem, but it will affect the cost of the project as a whole and require additional maintenance services. Use of real estate professionals.

Work with professionals

juristyProper preparation of the contract, legal documents and other papers, will help to avoid the risks associated with unfair attitude and will protect you as an investor from losses. The only solution, when combined in a single company of different people - properly executed documents.


module house pinhouse In the category of "Pinhaus" can be selected houses of different content, depending on your plans. Houses themselves have several appointments. Apartment, bath, dryer, offices, canteens and self-contained cabin . You can also choose a combination of textures and colors. Interiors for our houses developed by professional designers.

Communications and installation.

kanaliz-01The main objective of the project is supply of communications. Sewerage, water supply, electricity in sufficient quantities. "Pinhaus" is designed as a budget option, which does not provide for large maintenance costs. The main theme of the project was the establishment of settlements for rental at a price more favorable than the rental of property in an active market. This is what prompted the developers to use the most advanced technologies available on the market.
communications to the land for the project is not complex and technologically advanced, so that proposals for the work in each country is enough for the selection.

Services and staff

Determined by the purpose of the settlement. Formula "PIN settlement" suggests that the majority of tenants services have those who live permanently in the settlement. For owners of the project it reduces risks, reduces the cost of wages as an employee does not pay the rent, but I appreciate this opportunity. On this principle is based settlements for freelancers. employee pay, depending on the project, is half of the normal wage, which makes the company more competitive, especially in the field of Internet technologies. It is especially advantageous to use a formula when developing new areas in agriculture, with the full collapse of the surrounding villages.


crowdfundingThe modern economy is experiencing a crisis of investment. Our scheme works on the supply market. Our model takes into account the drop in incomes of the population to critical. Using a systematic approach, we do not just offer houses for sale, and complete scheme, absolutely transparent, which show the movement of money, the source of paying customers, and the method of distribution in terms of profit. We not only sell "pinhauses", we show how the tenants will make a profit than they will do and how to sell the results of work.

Booking and sell services

How to rent our houses? It can be as usual, through the reservation system booking.com, airbnb.com, his or ours. BOOKME4 - our system is engaged by reservation only "Pinhouses", but around the world. It also offers all the essential services: food, service, cleaning, laundry, luggage storage, rental mobile equipment. But most importantly, we offer a job.


Ready for rent house for 3 guests

Choose Your own interior for unforgettable atmosphere



Can be used like seasonal house with transportation by truck platform.