Pinhouse Model A 28 m2

The first and most compact of the entire line of module houses. This cozy and small house, which is perfect for a permanent comfortable stay 1-3 persons or, for example, will be a great one for a holiday house or permanent home for a small family. Our modules can be placed with the possibility of expanding or increasing living space.

At 28 square meters of usable area fit everything you need - a hall area, living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Minimum area allows you to expend a minimum of energy for heating, and heat the house can be for a short time, even in the bitter cold with environmental and energy-saving heating system HEAT PLUS. This is home for those, who spends time outdoors, but appreciates the warmth and comfort of their homes.

In the future, home-module 28 can be supplemented external terrace, porch or house- hold room, or even as an additional bathroom on the main area or on the second floor.


Full area:
28 m2 + 10 m2 + 10 m2

Living area:
28 m2

10 m2 + 10 m2


External dimensions ( m )
( height x width x length )
3.6                4.6              12,2

Ceiling height: 1,9 - 2,5 m.

Weight: 5 tonnes.

Variants of planning:
- open studio
- studio with bathroom and kitchen


at extra cost
- Toilets and autonomous sewerage
- External finish
- Aluminum composite panels
- Fiber cement panels
- Kitchen with built-in sink (length 1500-2500mm).
- Security systems, television, household appliances.
- Furniture.



Pinhouse Model A28 m² ( Hip roof )