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Base models

Model Pinhouse A28

The first and most compact of the entire line of module houses. This cozy and small house, which is perfect for a permanent comfortable stay 1-3 persons or, for example, will be a great one for a holiday house or permanent home for a small family. Our modules can be placed with the possibility of expanding or increasing living space.

Model Pinhouse A48

This is a cozy and small house, which is perfect for permanent comfortable residence of 1-5 people, or, for example, it will become a great option for a country house or permanent residence for a small family. Unlike the A28 model, the A48 model is longer in length by one separate room with windows overlooking the terrace.

Model Pinhouse M60

The most futuristic house of the entire line. Best suited for the tourism industry. Free layout of 60 m2 living space. Installed on a strip foundation, blocks or flat, hard surface.

Model Pinhouse T76

4-room house for permanent comfortable residence of 5-8 people. Three rooms are completely separate and one is a walk-through room of the "studio" type. The house has three terraces: an entrance and two terraces, which are accessed from two bedrooms. Ideal for a family with two children of different ages or teenagers of different genders. Also, this solution is suitable for a family living with elderly parents. The basic package includes all the necessary components: insulation for northern latitudes, interior decoration, electrical wiring, lighting, plumbing, kitchen.

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