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Modular Housing Predicted to Be Top Building Trend

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably already more savvy than most when it comes to the changing tastes of builders and developers. Therefore, it’s no surprise to you that the markets are finally catching up with what we here at Aries Residence Suites have been saying for years; modular housing allows builders and businesses to construct faster, cheaper, with higher quality materials and with less waste.

According to this recent article from Ahwatukee Foothills News, modular housing is expected to be a top trend in the coming year, alongside similar concepts such as mobile housing and 3-D printed designs. All of these concepts come from a shared driving desire to streamline the building process – maximizing efficiency and comfort while minimizing cost and environmental impact. It turns out homeowners and business owners alike are willing to downsize if it means they can have higher quality modular housing without the headache that often accompanies traditional building methods. Because modular housing is built indoors by a single team and designed to be seamlessly installed and assembled on-site, less materials can be used during the initial building process, and time- and money-costing mistakes are avoided much more often. All of these features coalesce into an attractive product that is set to take the markets by storm in 2017.

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