Prefab house can be installed and disassembled with minimal environmental harm

The Retreat in Finca Aguy was prefabricated offsite in a factory near Montevideo in a process that minimizes construction waste and saves on costs. The compact structure comprises two identical blocky modules, each measuring around 12.5 meters (41 feet) in length. A truck transported the completed modules 200 kilometers (124 miles) to Pueblo Edén, where they were lowered into place and joined together atop two intersecting stone walls. The architects also installed additional structural elements, hidden from view, to ensure the home’s stability.

“In landscapes of high natural value, it is fundamental to respect their original condition and so a reversibility condition is essential,” said the architects to Dezeen. “Prefabrication allows us to work with industrialised materials that enable high-precision processes, thus reducing the impact of construction on the ground, minimising waste, staff in-situ and displacement.”

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