What is the “Small Living Trend”?

What are tiny houses and the Small Living Trend? What is the tiny house movement? Why do people choose tiny homes and what does tiny living mean?

Concepts like Compact Living, Small Space Homes and Micro Apartments are becoming a popular feature in lifestyle magazines and interior design blogs.

The challenge of housing a growing number of people in the same number of square meters is being faced by major cities around the world. The construction of micro apartments is on the rise in Berlin, Paris and Barcelona. London has also begun to realize that building smaller homes could be the solution to its space challenge. In 2016 alone, over 8,000 apartments were built in England that measured less than 37 m².(1)

Simply put, the trend toward tiny houses has become a social movement. People are choosing to downsize the space they live in, simplify, and live with less. People are embracing the tiny life philosophy and the freedom that accompanies the tiny house lifestyle but the tiny house movement is about more than simply living in a small space (although, a small house is certainly part of it).

There are a number of factors that have contributed to this trend:

– People are becoming more ecologically aware and have a desire to reduce waste.

– The global financial crisis has also played a large role in the move toward small homes. They’re less expensive to build and have lower energy costs. Small homes are more economical.

So what are the advantages of choosing a tiny home and what are the factors to consider to make a Improvements in a Smaller Space?
– These new houses are build with larger windows so they normally have more light and plenty of exterior view.

– Embrace the Open Concept Design. There’s more focus on creating a large open multi-use living space than one that is compartmentalized in to rooms.

– Declutter – Keep as much of the space free of superfluous furniture or appliances.

– High ceilings – High ceilings give the perception of greater space.

– Outside area – Even a small deck or balcony can help give the allusion of more space.

The brands that have perhaps the largest opportunity to profit from the Small Living Trend are the storage solution brands. Smart, functional storage is a must have feature in order to keep a space free of clutter and chaos. Small-space living encourages product developers to consider multipurpose items.

Small-space living has inspired consumers to think about flexibility, efficiency and lifestyle compatibility.

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